Posted by: Paul Filan | September 29, 2008

Wild Cherry Apple picking…

Well autumn is in the air up here in Northern Michigan, even though we’ve had such an amazing past few months. Cool evenings, and warm humidity free days… I love this weather. Part of the autumn excitement up here comes from off all things… apple cider, apple crisp, and who doesn’t love apple pie.

Saturday morning, here at the resort, we were able to go on a wagon-ride/apple picking event. We ended up only picking about 1/2 bushel for ourselves, but how many more apples could we fit in the RV? Did I mention they are ‘Gala‘ apples? Vanessa is working on apple crisp as I am writing this… I can’t wait. We love the autumn and the many orchards that we visit throughout the season.

Here are some pics from our wagon ride/apple picking:

Posted by: Paul Filan | September 19, 2008

Pyramid Point- Sleeping Bear Dunes

Yesterday we were able to drive 20 miles from where we are staying to visit Pyramid Point. The drive in and of itself is a beautiful trip down the famous M-22 where hills and winding roads abound. We had a rough idea where our destination was, but didn’t have a map that was all the detailed. Add to that the fact that there are no signs that say ‘Pyramid Point this way’. We ended up pulling over and asking a local couple how to get there. They directed us up a few miles to a road that they said we should be able to drive the motor home down.

As we got closer, the road seemed to continue to shrink every mile we drove, until finally we ended up on a one lane road heading back into the woods. We had thought that we would probably have to back all the way out… but lo and behold, we found a good sized parking lot I was able to back up into and park.

From there we grabbed our water bottles and hit the trail. Our journey to the lookout was mainly uphill though the woods, on a well maintained trail, which was only a little over one half of a mile. The last portion of the trail was a sandy path up to lookout, and when you come to the crest of the trail, you are looking down over the amazing bluff that is about 400-450 feet above the amazing Lake Michigan. You can lookout and see both Manitou Islands, and a large portion of Lake Michigan. Now I have to say that I have been all along the west coast of Michigan, and have seen many beautiful views of the Great Lake, but this is by far my favorite now.

If you ever get a chance to check this point out, do it! It is only about 4 miles from another one of our favorite towns, Glen Arbor.

Overall, it was probably one of the best days we have had as a family this whole summer, and as we’ve said… this summer has been probably the most enjoyable and bonding summers yet for us.
Enjoy the pics!

Posted by: Paul Filan | September 12, 2008

Life at Wild Cherry Resort

So, we are ending our 6th week as work campers here at WCR, and we have had an amazing time here. The owners, and all of the people we have met here, have given us a whole new perspective on this life we are living. Our daily responsibilities have been: checking guests in, cutting the grass, trash pickup, office paperwork, taking reservations on the phone, etc…

Here’s a shot of V working in the office.

Vanessa in the office

Vanessa in the office

We have also had fun going on the WCR wagon ride, and here are a few shots of some of our new friends from downstate Michigan, and Don the owner of this 1952 John Deere. The kids were able to spend a little time with these guys, and got a few art lessons from them, as well as encouragement for the future. We look forward to meeting up again with them all next year.

The girls have been catching frogs like crazy, we thought that we had been revisited by the plague. The are gentle with the frogs, and have a catch and release program in place. Besides, those frog legs aren’t big enough to get a meal out of (not that we would eat them).

And check out this shot…

Overall, we have had one of the most amazing summers, despite any of our other circumstances. Silas summed it up one night very well. “If we hadn’t come up here to Wild Cherry Resort… we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to learn all the things we have, or meet the people we have.”

We are thankful for the many nights we have been able to sit out under the stars with a fire burning hot… our whole family together and enjoying eachother. What great memories we have made.

Finally, here I am trying to remember what I came outside for. Never mind me, take a look at the resort beyond me. What a great place!

We will be here at WCR until the first of October, and aren’t quite sure where we are going to end up for the winter. So be sure to stay tuned for our next adventure, as well as updates on the remainder of our stay here.

Posted by: Paul Filan | August 24, 2008


If you’ve never been to Fishtown in Leeland, MI, these pictures will show you what a cool place it is. This has been one of the places we love to hang out when we visit the area. If you get a chance this summer, be sure to check it out. 

Posted by: Paul Filan | August 21, 2008

Boating with new friends

We’ll be sad to see our new friends, the Andresen’s head back home to New Mexico, but look forward to next year spending some time together making memories. We were able to finally spend a day on Lake Leelanau with them, and the kids had fun tubing, swimming, and just hanging out on the sand bar. What a beautiful day having squirt gun fights, enjoying pepper jelly, and cherry salsa (Thanks Renee)! 

Brian also ended up showing up with his boat, and we all just hung out.

Here’s a few pics:

Posted by: Paul Filan | August 21, 2008

2nd Year attending Peshabestown Pow Wow

We’ve had the privilege of attending the Peshabestown Pow Wow once again this year. We ended up going on Friday night, and again on Saturday afternoon. I can’t explain what attending this annual event does inside of us, but it definitely moves you in an incredible way. From the drums and purposeful chanting, there is a stirring that takes place in your inmost being to be still and listen to the voice in the wind.

Some people would watch and listen to this music, and think that it is just mindless savage noise. But they are so wrong! It is very purposeful and worshipful. So no matter what walk of like you come from, if you aren’t moved in some way, whether to tears, or to move your feet… driven by your heart… you are probably dead inside.

Here is a whole gallery of pictures for you to enjoy.

Ok, I can’t get the stupid video to work. I’ll play around with it later, and post it again. 😦

Maria’s favorite dancer was Rose Petosky, and we asked Rose if we could take a picture of her and Maria together… and here it is:

Posted by: Paul Filan | August 21, 2008

visits from friends and family to WCR

Well over the last few weeks we have had some of our friends and family come up and visit. Even though we are making many new friends on our travels, it is always great to hang with those that are near and dear to us.

Mark, Candace, and Carter came up and we ended up heading over to Glen Arbor to hang out at our favorite pizza place.

Then we ended up hanging out for an afternoon with J, Annie, and Logan down by the river in TC. What a great place to be this time of year.


Then my parents came up and stayed a night in their trailer here at the resort. We had a great time going to the Pow Wow on Friday night with them, and hanging out at Kejara’s Bridge for coffee and a bagel the next morning before they left for home. 


We look forward to more friends visiting in the near future, and enjoying the rest of the summer together.

Posted by: Paul Filan | August 11, 2008


Give or take a few days, we have just finished up our 2nd week of work camping here at Wild Cherry Resort in Lake Leelanau. If you get a chance before the warm weather ends, you have to get up here and spend a few nights at this great resort. The owners and staff are such amazing warm people, it’s no wonder everyone that visits decides to make this a regular stop. That, and this Grand Traverse Bay/Lake Michigan area is one of the most beautiful areas we have been to. 


Here are a few pictures coming into the resort:


And here we are…

In the midst of all this…

We will be here until the end of September staying as work campers, and we are totally going to miss this place and the people. We have made many new friends of all walks of life, and can’t wait to come back next summer. Not to mention the resort is in the middle of a working cherry farm, and the cherries are out of this world. 

This, our first work camping adventure, has so far proven to be a great experience. V and I split up working a few hours a week in the office checking people in, taking reservations, and just general chit chat. It’s great if you are a people person, and we are. 

The kids are having a great time, even though there isn’t an arcade or a pool, they are learning how to enjoy the simplicity in the complexity of the nature we are immersed in. What lifelong memories are etched into all of our hearts and minds.


Posted by: Paul Filan | July 31, 2008

V’s parents…

We spent a week at V’s parents house in Chesaning. The kids had fun swimming and fishing in their grandparents pond. We enjoyed some garden fresh meals with everyone (thanks to the huge garden that was planted this year, the weather has been perfect for growing). 

We also got to spend some time with V’s niece and nephews, 2 of them were visiting from Florida. Alaina and Jordan spent their time at the ponding using their creative minds, and artistic ability to create this:

I’m writing the post from Kalkaska, MI, and will have some posts and pictures soon. We drove up here on Tuesday afternoon, and plan to spend the next 2 months here.

Posted by: Paul Filan | July 25, 2008

Cousin Becky’s wedding…

We spent last weekend in Argentine at a dear friends farm. Mike, thanks for putting us up, and all the great meals. You are an amazing person! the kids had a blast…

Our cousin Becky got married on Saturday, so we showed up on Friday to help out, and enjoy the festivities. After the wedding rehearsal, we had a cookout at the farm, and finished setting up for the after-reception the next day.

The wedding was beautiful, and we got to hook up with family we haven’t seen in awhile.

Overall the weekend was great, and we look forward to stopping back by Mike’s and hanging out again.